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WALCE Association (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe) is a non-profit organization founded in Turin the 24th of September 2006 as an italian-spanish initiative: Dr. Enriqueta Felip and I, we are part of the Scientific Committee of the National Lung Cancer Partnership, a well established American Association born some years ago by a group of American women oncologists. This Association has already boasted a considerable number of members and is helping a lot of patients who suffer from lung cancer, mainly in the United States. WALCE aims to be the first association to function on a European scale in the fight against lung cancer.

Nowadays the lung cancer should not be considered just a "male" disease, but women don't fully realize it, because they are too much frightened by other malignancies such for instance breast cancer. In many countries lung cancer is already the major cause of cancer-related death also among women. Every year more, lung cancer is diagnosed in never smokers and most of these are women. Moreover, smoking habit is increasing in women and this, unfortunately, will translate in a steep increase of the incidence of the disease. The association aims to raise public awareness against the lung cancer and its correlation with smoking, as well as harmful materials in working environment. The intention is to develop an European network of oncologists, pneumologists, radioterapists, psychologists, nurses, volunteers and all health professionals who gravitate around this disease to provide practical support for patients suffering from this disease. An information website has been created for spreading the news on this disease, for finding reference centres in Europe to apply to in case of suspected or established diagnosis of lung cancer, medical treatments and support organizations addresses, for having the opportunity to address questions to the experts. WALCE also aims to give information on anti-smoking projects in Europe and programs of early detection. In different projects that took place in the world in last years, a large percentage of participants were women, underlining the sensitivity of female population for these studies.

Dr. Silvia Novello

November, Lung Cancer Awareness month

The month of November was declared by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition the "Lung Cancer awareness month." An important campaign dedicated to increasing attention to lung cancer issues often overlooked by the media because of its close correlation with the smoking habit. But Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women in the United States and every year kills 35 000 people in Italy and over one million worldwide.

During this month WALCE tried to disseminate nationwide information on the disease, providing a toll-free number. Then supported a make-up program in seven Italian medical Oncology Divisions for women with cancer to improve their self-esteem, and manage their treatment with greater confidence.

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Key Facts

  • Lung cancer continues to be a leading cause of preventable death
  • Whereas in men the annual incidence of new cases of lung cancer has now reached a stable rate, records show a steady increase in its occurrence in women
  • In Europe, 400.000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year: 30% of these are in women and the trend is increasing to such an extent that in many countries this type of tumor accounts for more deaths women than breast cancer
  • 80.000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in never smokers and of these the majority are women
  • Although the link between lung cancer and smoking is well established, the cost in human lives attributable to smoking continues to rise
  • Nowadays women account for a very high percentage in the pilot programs of early diagnosis of lung cancer
  • Several scientific studies show that women with lung cancer respond better to therapy and have a better rate of survival at five years from diagnosis