How to feel better with a “trick”


The experience has been positive for the doctors who cooperated in the realization of it, for the skilled beauticians who coordinated these events and especially for the patients who attended, as you can read from the few sentences posted by them after every session.

“The advice is …after a good breakfast, put makeup on your own and take care of your hair even if you don’t go out. You will feel better and ready to go out “
“Interesting and valuable initiative because it helps to enhance women especially when the self-esteem tends to drop down”
“Do not count the leaves that fall down, but the flowers of your garden”
“It ‘amazing that there are people so willing to help other people”
“You should repeat these kind of initiatives. They are good for our soul and after them you feel better with yourself and with the others”
“W the life”
“W the company”
“These opportunities for interaction and positive thoughts are reinvigorating

WALCE would like to thank all patients who courageously and enthusiastically attended these workshops, the beauticians who keep on cooperating with the association without any fee (Lee, Barbara, Silvana, Anna, Patrizia, Rachele and Nunzia ) and the doctors of the centers where the initiative was performed (Dr. Andrea Ardizzoni and Dr Marcello Tiseo in Parma, Dr Mariella Mari and Dr Olga Martelli in Rome, Dr Cristina Oliani and Dr Samuela Binato in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Prof. Giuseppe Colucci and Dr Domenico Galetta in Bari, Giuseppe Banna and Dr Sonia La Spina in Catania, Prof. Francesco Di Costanzo and Dr Fabiana Cecere in Florence.

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