Hereafter we give a general picture of the major therapies presently used in the treatment of lung cancer. This general view is merely for information. The choice of the different options is made by the oncologist on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type and stage of the tumour to be treated. Surgery Total or [...]

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Tea age old beverage as an effective cancer chemopreventive agent click on the icon to download (pdf 113kb) Taped Remote Broadcast from the 1st European Lung Cancer Conference, Geneva, Switzerland click on the icon to download (doc 198kb)

Chemotherapy Side-effects

Chemotherapy Side-effects It is important to emphasise how modern chemotherapy has allowed the reduction of side-effects which are an obstacle to its use. Furthermore, as a rule, these effects may progressively decrease starting from the end of the treatment. Among the most common side-effects caused by the use of chemotherapeutic drugs there are, first of [...]