Delicata – Mente


 Sessions focused on the psychophysical well-being

Four meetings with the aim to promote physical, emotional and mental relaxation to get a faster and better recovery of energy and a greater readiness to respond again to environmental situations.

Conductor: Dr. Silvia Re Viglietti

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These meetings aim to promote physical, emotional and mental relaxation, useful to get a better recovery of energy and greater readiness to react again to the environmental situations.

Among the methods proposed for facilitating the relaxation both somatic and cognitive techniques will be preferred in order to create the inner conditions to break free from nervous tension and stress such as muscle relaxation, visualizations, working on his own awareness.


Friday, March 23
Friday, April 6
Friday, April 20
Friday, May 4

16.30 – 18.30

We recommend comfortable clothing and socks

The meetings will be held at:
Casa del Quartiere
Via Oddino Morgari, 14
San Salvario – Torino

For info and reservations: Walce Secretariat.+39- 011 9026980


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