Go out of the Tunnel 2017

Go out of the tunnel. Don’t burn away your future.

A national campaign for prevention and information on the risks of smoking and awareness about lung cancer, addressed to citizens, media and institutions. 3rd edition. 

- PALERMO (Piazza Verdi) | 30 Sept-1st Oct 2017 

- TURIN (Via Bruno Buozzi ang. via Roma) | 21-22 Oct 2017 

- RAVENNA (Piazza Kennedy) | 11st-12nd Nov 2017

 A large cigarette butt shaped booth is set up in the main squares of the cities involved. The structure is 3 meters high and 14 meters long and, inside, visitors can find a viable tunnel that provides information about tobacco smoking prevention and raises awareness about lung cancer.

The tunnel interior is divided by different areas:

- an area dedicated to primary prevention where people may consult info-educational booklets and brochures realized by WALCE over the years;

- a medical area where people can do a spirometry test for free, made by a Pulmonologist, and receive the result, dealing directly with the physician.

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