November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month

During this month, WALCE carries out various activities to support the patients, to inform and increase the awareness of the public opinion and primary schools pupils and remind to everyone that every 30 seconds a person dies from lung cancer in the world.

The month of November has been declared the Lung Cancer Awareness Month by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition. || #LCAM | #HOPELIVES

This is an important date to give correct and update information about a disease often overlooked by the media, maybe because still too related to the “stigma of smokers.” Lung cancer is now one of the most difficult cancer to treat: in Italy, it causes every year 35000 deaths and over one million worldwide, and unfortunately numbers are growing. It is estimated that in 2020 Italy will reach 45000 cases and about 51500 in 2030.

WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe), created to support, raise the awareness and support women in the fight against lung cancer, but today involved in supporting all patients suffering from this disease and their families, has designed and implemented different activities and initiatives during the month of November.

- “How to feel better with a ‘trick’” 2018

For the ninth consecutive year WALCE proposes make-up sessions dedicated to women undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapies.

- “Go out of the Tunnel” 2018

A national campaign focused on primary prevention, smoking cessation and awareness about lung cancer, addressed to citizens, media and institutions. | 4th edition

- “I’M NOT SMOKING THAT” - Let’s try and see clearly through all the smoke

The project named “I’M NOT SMOKING THAT” – Let’s try and see clearly through all the smoke” is going on: an information and awareness campaign on damages of smoking and on the healthy lifestyles, aimed at 10 year-old pupils, consisting of an educational kit for the class. The project is now available translated in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

- ”ComuniCARE” | 3rd Edition

How to support parents in the difficult task of helping their children cope with the oncological pathology of a parent: do we need to inform them about the disease? How to inform them? How to explain cancer treatments to them? For helping you to answer these questions, WALCE offers psico-oncology meetings in different Italian cities, entitled “Cancer: how to communicate the disease to our children.” 


November – Lung Cancer Awareness Month | Worldwide

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