Practical Path of Awareness

Practical Path of Awareness

Small steps searching the inner peace


“Awareness or mindfulness means paying attention in a specific way: with intentionality, non-judgmental way, moment-to-moment” [Jon Kabat-Zinn]“

The dates 

  • 22/01/13
  • 29/01/13
  • 05/02/13
  • 12/02/13
  • 19/02/13
  • 26/02/13
  • 05/03/13 (5 h: 14 -19)
  • 12/03/13
  • 19/03/13


Addressed audience

The course is intended for patients with oncological diseases and their families, who are willing to spend 20 minutes a day to take care of themselves. The number of participants is between 15 and 20.

Which is the structure of it?

The group work is organized into 8 sessions of 2 hours and a half, plus a 5 hours of intensive practice. The meetings will be on Tuesdays from 16:00 to 18:30 starting in January. The course will be led by Dr. Luca Ostacoli and Dr Maria Vittoria Pacchiana with the collaboration of Dr. Erica Sguazzotti.

The course takes place in the classroom Pescetti – AOU San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano (TO).

What is Mindfulness

The Mindfulness is a set of practices that by listening to the body, with its world of feelings, emotions and thoughts, teaches to take care of ourselves, especially of the body, the heart and the mind. The goal is learning to change the personal way of dealing with ourselves, with personal feelings, emotions and thoughts recognizing the “automatic pilot” that using its negative automatisms lead our actions, in order to take up the “direction” of our lives and learn to be more aware of the quality of the relationship with ourselves and with the others.

The importance of developing Mindfulness

Often being affected by a disease, both personally and as a family member, means facing not only with the pain, the discomfort and the physical changes, but also with the thoughts and the emotions aroused by the disease and are likely to absorb in the person’s life and in the family even more space than the disease. These problems, of course, as those relating to other difficulties that life can bring, can not be avoided, but it’s possible to learn how to “let them go”, returning to the freedom area, present in this moment, with all his perceptions and relationships.

The purpose of Mindfulness

The purpose of these meetings is not to focus on the disease, but to develop the freedom of living beyond it, strengthening the internal and external resources gaining more self-confidence. The meditation techniques and the awareness practices are proposed in order to facilitate the construction of a good psycho-physical balance and a better relationship with ourselves and with others.

It was found that mindfulness-based interventions promote the adaptation to possible situations of difficulty, distress and sufferance as they offer the possibility to access to greater stability conditions and security, that are basic to create an inner calm.

This course may be useful: 

- To increase the internal stability

- To improve listening to feelings and emotions

- To reduce the stress

- To increase the self-esteem and confidence in our own abilities and resources

- To improve the ability to live in a proper way the relationships

Registration: you can call the Secretariat (Ph: 011 9026980) or you can send an e-mail to:

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