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Aiutare l’Associazione WALCE Onlus con la dichiarazione dei redditi non costa nulla.

Per esprimere il vostro sostegno a favore di WALCE Onlus, è sufficiente firmare nello spazio riservato alle organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale (O.N.L.U.S.) della dichiarazione dei redditi (CUD, 730, Modello UNICO) e riportare il nostro:

Codice Fiscale: 95587750019

Aiuterai così WALCE nella realizzazione di progetti di ricerca, attività di prevenzione ed informazione ed iniziative a supporto dei pazienti affetti da tumore del polmone.

Tale opportunità si aggiunge, senza nulla togliere, a quella già esistente di destinare l’8 per mille delle proprie imposte ai gruppi religiosi.

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Female campaign

Campagna al femminileFemale campaign

You can help us to achieve important scientific projects and to support patients suffering from lung cancer.

“Fighting always together you and we with the same soul”

WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe) is a non-profit organization founded in Turin in 2006 as an italian-spanish initiative. One of its objectives is to raise women’s awareness of the increasing incidence of lung cancer and to improve knowledges in preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic field.
You can help us and support our lung cancer education and awareness programs with your hobby: you can make an object and give it to WALCE for someone who making a donation will receive it for herself, her family, her friends or colleagues.

Some simple example

Puppets (different colours)

Découpage trays and coasters

Pout porri boxes


Découpage plates

Coloured costume jewellery (different colours)

Send a picture of your creation with the comment to:
Write the number of items you are willing to give us.

A member of the Association will contact you for giving information about the way to send this present.

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Become a Member

Join us! Membership is open to everyone, women who suffer from lung cancer, family members and friends, to doctors, nurses, investigators, caregivers and all those people who are interested in decreasing deaths due to this disease.

Become a member is very easy. You can download the form, complete it and post it to:

WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe)

c/o Dipartimento Oncologia Toracica – Ospedale San Luigi

Regione Gonzole, 10

10043 Orbassano (TO) Italy

via mail to:

Periodically, members will receive up to date news about the association’s activities. Depending on your commitments, you could contribute to the expansion of WALCE and become an emotive support for patients who suffer from this pathology. There are many ways of participating in this project and every suggestion will be extremely welcome and discussed by the Board of Directors.

WALCE Member form (pdf 57 kb)

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