Virgin London Marathon 2010

WALCE at Virgin London Marathon 2010!

On April 25th, 2010, Jess will run the Virgin London Marathon for his wife Paola, who was nicknamed “Moppa”, and for WALCE, the no profit organization which supports since 2006 women fighting against lung cancer.

 On November 29, 2009 Jess took part to the Nice-Cannes Marathon wearing a shirt dedicated to his “Moppa” who in those days was hospitalized for the progression of her disease and couldn’t travel to Costa Azzurra. During his race performance Jess sent to her by his mobile phone pictures of the places he was running through and she liked a lot. Four months earlier “Moppa” started chemotherapy for metastati lung cancer. She was fully aware that it was her marathon for the life. Unfortunately in late November 2009, during a cold night, tired and breathless, “Moppa” passed away.

 Lung cancer is one of the most deadly type of cancer and each year causes in Italy about 35.000 deaths and over 1.000.000 worldwide and the incidence of this fatal disease is still growing especially among women.

As they planned the journey to Nice, Jess and “Moppa” dreamed to do the same for London. In April 2010, “Moppa” will not be there, but her husband will run wearing a shirt with the colors of WALCE with the aim of remembering her and raise money for WALCE. His hope is that the research efforts will run every day faster than the disease and to help and support many other people who are facing the same hurdles of his “Moppa”.


If you participate at the marathon and you would like to send a lovely message to your wife or your husband…

Help the research and make a surprise to someone you love.
Become a member of WALCE team and wear the shirt WALCE – MOPPA AMORE MIO during the marathon.

Contact us at:

If you are not a runner and you would you like to support our team with a donation…

Support the research and WALCE projects with your contribution by specifying the reason: WALCE London Marathon

Click on the PayPal image to make your donation! Or watch other donation method

The WALCE Team


Moppa: Paola
Objective: 4.15′
Personal: 4.26′ 49” – Nice- Cannes 2009







Moppa: Enza
Objective: 3.30′
Personal: 3.32′ 49” – Marathon Paris 2009


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